Ministering the People

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There are many ways to help those in need, whether it is done through fundraisers, volunteer activities, or even mission trips. On Feb. 9, Shawn Armstrong embarked on a mission trip to Nicaragua where he would spend five days spreading gospel and ministering to the people.


“My church takes a trip annually to Nicaragua, so it is something that everyone in my congregation knows about,” explained Armstrong. “Wolf Pond Baptist Church organized 

our group and we traveled to Nicaragua through Chosen Children Ministries.” 15 people accompanied Armstrong on the trip: The Director of Chosen Children Ministries, members of Wolf Pond Baptist Church, and three people from various churches (as shown to the right).


Once Armstrong learned that he would in fact be attending the trip he could not contain his excitement. He began counting down the days until his departure, and when the day finally arrived he was eager to leave. “It was my first time on an airplane. We flew from Charlotte to Atlanta, which was an hour. Then, Atlanta to Managua which was a little over 3 hours,” stated Armstrong. “I wanted a chance to impact the kingdom of God in a positive way, and by traveling to Nicaragua we got the chance to minister to the people there.”


Armstrong, along with the group of people he was with, were about to do hands-on work within the community. “We built a house for one of the Pastor’s there along with wiring the house, as well as a separate one, with electricity. We also built a Sunday school room.”


Even though Armstrong spent time on helping the community, there were still moments where he was able to attend church and interact with the people around him while truly taking advantage of his experience (as shown to the bottom left).“My favorite part of the trip was undoubtedly playing soccer with the children, it is incredible to be able to have a conversation with someone who doesn’t even speak the same language as you. I enjoyed getting to connect with the children, and truthfully there was no part of the trip that I did not enjoy.”


Although Armstrong was not ready to leave he was able to do so knowing that he accomplished everything he hoped to. “I believe it was undoubtedly a successful trip, we got to love on the community, we got to minister to the children and we also built two structures and put electricity into two homes,” smiled Shawn.


Making a difference doesn’t automatically mean leaving the country. For Armstrong his main goal was spreading gospel which is something he will continue to do so even though he has returned home.