Striving for Greatness

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Teachers have the ability to make a strong impact on their students. Richie Price has been able to do just that over the course of his career; however, he did not always know that he wanted to pursue teaching.


Price attended Coastal Carolina University and Graduated in May of 2004. During his first year of college he majored in computer science before realizing that it was not for him. “It was basically being in front of a computer all day everyday, and I didn’t like that aspect. I wasn’t able to communicate with other people, so after the first year I changed to Biology. I always liked science in school and I liked math, but I felt like Biology opened more doors for me. After a couple years in Biology I realized I was so close to getting a Chemistry degree too, so I just tacked it on,” explained Price. At this time Price was still uncertain about his future, and it wasn’t until he graduated and started working part-time at a community college that he realized he wanted to teach.


After teaching public and postsecondary school for four years Price decided to take a break. “I took six years off from public school teaching. From August of 2008 to August of 20014 I worked for a pharmaceutical company. I traveled three states: South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia as a representative,” stated Price. “The opportunity to be able to get out and see places and go do things that I’d never done beforethe interaction with doctors and pharmacistsintrigued me.”


Although Price enjoyed his time working for the pharmaceutical group changes within the company caused Price to return to public school teaching. “I believe in my faith and I feel like God puts us where we’re supposed to be. I think that was His way, with the hierarchy changes with the pharmaceutical group, of showing me that it was meant for me to come back into the classroom,” expressed Price.

“The biggest part of teaching is seeing the success of my students. 14 years in I have former students who are teachers now. You see the impact that you have on their lives. I get Facebook messages like ‘Mr.Price we did this in class today and I thought about you because I remember you doing it with us.’ We’re not paid a lot as teachers, but I think the reward is witnessing your students being successful,” noted Price. “The students are my driving force; the reason why I do what I do.”


With 14 years of teaching under his belt Mr.Price has made his way from Anson High School to The Hive. Although the staff and students have been welcoming it wasn’t easy for Price to say goodbye to his former students. Price made the decision of waiting until after testing to inform his students that he would not be returning. This was done because he did not want them to think that they were responsible for his decision. When they finally learned the news Price received notes, cards and gifts from not only his students but also from those he’d never taught before. It was a reaction he never expected.


No matter where he goes his intentions remain the same. “My goal is to always strive for greatness as a teacher in order to be a good teacher. I know that as long as I continue on that path and continue to strive for that, I’ll get there, eventually.”